2/23 Committee Process Update

Here are some pertinent information from the Feb. 9th Committee Meeting:

To continue with the committee process and interview, you will need to submit two (2) forms with wet (not electronic) signatures. The first form is an Authorization to Release Information form, and the second form is a Waiver of Access to Letters of Evaluation. It is your responsibility to fill out and return these forms in a prompt manner. If we do not receive these forms we cannot move forward with your letters – you request these forms via email at healthpr@mail.sdsu.edu. You can turn them in person to GMCS 323 or have them emailed.

The next deadline for personal statements is March 5th at 11:59PM. This is a hard deadline and absolutely NO statements will be accepted late.

Lastly, a friendly reminder that at least one (1) of your letters of recommendation are due before your assigned committee date which is by March 15th.

If you have any questions, please email or give us a call!


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