1. What major do I have to be to get into a health profession program?

You can be any major, as long as you fulfill the prerequisites for the programs you are applying to.


2. How can I set up an appointment with the advisor?

Please visit or call the office to have one of the peer mentors schedule an appointment for you.


3. What is required to make an appointment with the advisor?

We ask that students have an open file in the office.


4. What health professions does the HPAO assist with?

Medicine (MD, DO, MD/PhD), Dentistry, Pharmacy, Physician Assistant, Optometry, Veterinary Medicine, Podiatric Medicine and Occupational Therapy.


5. Do health profession schools only focus on GPA and standardized test scores?

Although schools highly value academics, they also take into account other factors when evaluating an applicant. Such factors include experience in clinical settings, community service, work, shadowing, research, and leadership.