Getting Started

Come to the Health Professions Advising Office to sign up to attend the required HEALTH PROFESSIONS INFORMATION session. This will establish your file in our office. You will receive email notices of campus visits by healthcare professionals and recruiters as well as health professions information, workshops, and events.

You may then schedule a meeting with the Health Professions Advisor and also request a peer mentor. The Advisor will work with you as you develop your application, including your personal statement and interviewing. Your peer mentor will help you learn about campus resources and opportunities for clinical and other volunteer experiences.

Get Involved

Preparing for dental, medical, pharmacy, optometry, physician assistant, or other health profession programs requires more than good grades and good admission test scores. The competitive applicant demonstrates an understanding of their chosen health profession, including clinical experience, and has a record of leadership, service, and advocacy as well as an understanding of issues relevant to health professions and health care.

Get involved with activities meaningful to you. Remember, too, that not all your activities need to be or should be medically or health care related. Meet like-minded, highly motivated pre-health students who aspire to serve their communities as healthcare providers…and have some FUN, too!

Meet the Director!

Logan Watson