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For General Questions:

Ask an HPAO Peer Mentor in real-time at our virtual front desk, no appointment needed! Join the following Zoom link to ask get assistance or see how you can start your prehealth journey!

Zoom link:
*Students will be helped on a first-come first serve basis. Wait times may vary

In order acquire individual advising or attend group advising with the prehealth adviser, it is required to have attended an HPAO Orientation.

If an urgent or time sensitive matter needs to be addressed and you haven’t attend an HPAO Orientation, please email either or

For Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, and Alumni of any health profession

Since you are further along in your journey, your questions will likely be more specific about what admissions committees look for in applicants, the application process, and validating that you have made the right choice.
For us to work together on helping you grow into a competitive, compassionate, and well-rounded applicant, you can meet with me in the following ways:

  • Group Advising – offered every week and questions can be more broad or individualized if you don’t mind sharing with a group 🙂

Group advising link and schedule can be found in the green table along the right side of our website

One-on-one Advising – 30 minute advising session booked in advance and questions can be more individualized

*For instructions on how to book your one-on-one appointment with the Director of Health Professions Advising, please email the following information to
1. First and Last name
2. Health Profession of Interest
3. Academic Standing (e. Sophomore, Juniors etc.)
4. Whether you have attended an information session, welcoem session, or HPAO Orientation in the past.